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1# Steno typist course in Muzaffarabad Bagh

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International College of Technical Education.

Head Office :

Office # 27, Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza

(Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road,

Rawalpindi, Pakistan 46000.

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Stenography comprises skills in Shorthand, Transcription and Typewriting. It is indispensible in business, profession, vocation and administration-wherever it is desirable to have a quick and verbatim record of the spoken words.To learn shorthand, start by choosing one shorthand system to study, like the New Era Pitman system or the Gregg Simplified system. Then, find books for learning that system of shorthand online or at your local library, including a shorthand dictionary. You can also use online shorthand tutorials.The program certificate in short hand prepares students to become professional stenographers. Training provides strong foundation skills in shorthand method writing, Writing in shorthand saves time and increases business outputs. The course develops skills of accuracy and legibility in students.Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language. ... Shorthand was considered an essential part of secretarial training and police work, as well as useful for journalists.Shorthand systems are based on assigning a single word outline and take a very significant amount of time to memorize tens of thousands of outlines. A large number of shorthand sketches require on a daily basis constant practice to recall all of the memorized symbols. It might explain the rules of shorthand to you depending on the shape and thickness of the symbols. This training is designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of those who already possess know-how of the training. Practicing and building up speed is difficult shorthand writing is the abbreviated type of symbolic writing that increases the speed and brevity of writing compared to normal language writing. The shorthand writing method is called stenography. Many short-hand forms exist but typical form use abbreviations or symbols for words and common phrases; But OTS is offering the Pit-man training that is preferred and utilized at official places in Pakistan.

Training Content

Stage 01

General Revision

Consonants strokes

Consonants strokes- joined

Vowels & Diphthongs

Circles & Loops

Use of Stroke of S & Z

Words signs- Punctuation marks

Words signs- consonants/ vowels

Methods of expressing W & Y

Joining words

Omissions of consonants & Words

Initial hook L & R

Final Hook & words signs

Quiz of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 02

Speed Improvement Techniques

Audio Dictation Practice

Reproduction of shorthand to Original techniques

Result of the test along improvements needed

Test of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 03

Overview of Blind typing

Blind typing practice

Test of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 04

Revision of Phraseography

Phraseography errors and practice

Test of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 05

Collection of words

Practicing consonants and vowels

Test of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 06

Dictation exercise from daily routines

Official dictation patterns

Reproduction of dictation

Level A (Novice)

Level B (Intermediate)

Level C (Expert)

Test of the day

Peer reviews

Stage 07

Training completion overview

Completion Assignment

Assignment -- J

Assignment -- O

Assignment -- V

Grade & Certificate of training Completion


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