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1# Stenographer shorthand typing course in Jhelum Chakwal

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International College of Technical Education.

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Stenography is a form of shorthand writing that uses symbols to represent words. This blog post will discuss what is stenography in detail, its types, and why it is such a popular form of shorthand writing. We will also look at the different types of stenography courses and available career options.Shorthand is a system of writing that uses symbols to represent letters, words, or phrases. Writing with shorthand symbols allows you to write at a quicker speed than traditional handwriting. You will soon learn that shorthand is also used by many professionals, in places such as law courts.Shorthand is an efficient transcribing method that transfers audible content to written symbols. Shorthand skills have long been important in professional occupations. They are crucial in the legal and medical fields, where speed and accuracy are paramount.Shorthand is an efficient transcribing method that transfers audible content to written symbols. Shorthand skills have long been crucial to professional occupations, especially in the legal and medical fields where speed and accuracy are paramount.Shorthand is easy to learn and you will enjoy mastering a secret script you can use for the rest of your life

Writing shorthand is like writing longhand, but it is quicker. English has some set of signs (alphabet) to record the words. Shorthand also has some set of geometrical signs. Like longhand, the shorthand signs also can be read back later or put back in longhand words.

Shorthand (Stenography) is learned by constant, regular, and vigorous practice.

It takes 3 months to complete the exercises, depending upon the time utilized for its practice every day.

Pitman’s Shorthand is based on rules and hence you must be thorough with all the rules and exceptions included.After completing the course, you will be able to write in shorthand, a simple general passage at 40 to 50 words a minute, The way to become an expert shorthand writer is by reading, copying, and taking down from dictation shorthand that is not only rightly formed by the rules of the system, but also a good example of shorthand writing in itself and with regular practice, 80 words per minute and above can be achieved.

To become a professional in shorthand, you need to practice hard every day as directed in the lessons and also to continue to practice shorthand till you get through the examination or till you fetch good employment.There is still a good demand for qualified stenographers in the present-day market and thousands of vacancies in the government and private sector are yet to be filled.This training has been devised to equip the learners with practical shorthand skills as required in the market especially for Government Sector. Through this training the learner will be enabled to take dictation and give the desired output in his career. Shorthand systems are based on assigning a single word outline and take a very significant amount of time to memorize tens of thousands of outlines. A large number of shorthand sketches require on a daily basis constant practice to recall all of the memorized symbols. It might explain the rules of shorthand to you depending on the shape and thickness of the symbols. This training is designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of those who already possess know-how of the training. Practicing and building up speed is difficult shorthand writing is the abbreviated type of symbolic writing that increases the speed and brevity of writing compared to normal language writing. The shorthand writing method is called stenography. Many short-hand forms exist but typical form use abbreviations or symbols for words and common phrases; But ICTE is offering the Pit-man training that is preferred and utilized at official places in Pakistan.

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