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3 Years MOFA Attested Civil Engineering Diploma for Bahrain For Sale

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3 Years MOFA Attested Civil Engineering World Valid Diploma for KSA, UAE,Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain

CE 340/L Hydraulics and Hydrologywith Lab: This course covers open-channel flow hydraulics and fundamentalhydrology. Topics include hydrometeorological factors, precipitation, overland,subsurface, stream and groundwater flows, evaporation and evapotranspiration,basins, rainfall-runoff process and hydrograph analysis. Lab sessions includevarious open channel flow experiments such as hydraulic jump, weir flow, flowunder sluice gates, and surface roughness in uniform flow. Various hydraulicand hydrologic modeling software such as HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS are alsointroduced at basic levels. Prerequisite: CE 310/L. 3 Lecture Hours and 3Laboratory Hours.

CE 350 Environmental Engineering: Thiscourse focuses on the environmental aspects of civil engineering systems.Topics include assessing environmental impact, risk assessment, waterpollution, measurement of water quality, water supply and distribution,collection and removal of wastewater and storm water, fresh water andwastewater treatment. Prerequisite: CE 310/L, ENGR 360 and ENST 202/L. 3Lecture Hours.

CE 360 Soil Mechanics: Thiscourse introduces students to soil mechanics and associated principlesunderlying geotechnical engineering. Topics include soil formation,composition, and classification; earthwork, compaction, and soil stabilization;one-dimensional and multi-dimensional groundwater flow; subsurface stresses,consolidation, settlement, and shear strength; foundations, retaining walls,slope stability, and lateral earth pressures; and, geotechnical tools andtechniques. Prerequisite: PHYS 242, CE 320, and ENGR 350/L. 3 Lecture Hours.

CE 400/L Structural Design andAnalysis I with Lab: This senior course focuses on the design and analysisof civil engineering structures. Structural analysis includes the forces, shearand bending moments of beams, deflection and stability of structures consistingof statically determinant beams, trusses and frames. Special emphasis will beplaced on structural steel design and the AISC Steel Construction Manual andstandards. Other topics include loads and load paths of structures, andanalysis of statistically indeterminate structures. Prerequisite: PHYS 242, CE300, and MATH 237. 3 Lecture Hours and 3 Laboratory Hours.

CE 410/L Structural Design andAnalysis II with Lab: This is the second course in the Structural Designand Analysis sequence. Students will use software and physical models to designand analyze more advanced structures. Topics covered will include design andanalysis of formwork, single and doubly reinforced beams, T-beams, walls,columns, slabs, and prestressed structural members. Emphasis will be placed onreinforced concrete design and the ACI Codes and Standards for ConcreteConstruction. Prerequisite: CE 400/L, and CE 320. 3 Lecture Hours and 3Laboratory Hours.

CE 420 TransportationEngineering: This course focuses on the civil engineering operation,design, and construction of transportation systems. Particular areas ofinterest include transportation planning and the four-step process; roadvehicle performance; horizontal and vertical alignment; geometric highwaydesign; traffic operation, flow, and control; traffic safety; and the designand management of pavement systems. Prerequisite: CE 300, CE 320, CE 325L, andCE 340/L. 3 Lecture Hours.

CE 440/L Senior Design with Lab: Thecivil engineering capstone design course that incorporates all the elements of CEprevious courses. This is a senior design course where teams of students designa civil engineering system and perform appropriate design analyses. The overallsystem design must consist of at least two of the following civil engineeringtechnical areas: structural, water resources and environmental, transportation,soil mechanics, and project management. For their projects, students will modelthe system in CAD and produce design documents. Prerequisite: Senior Status. 3Lecture Hours and 3 Laboratory Hours.

CE 450 Special Topics in CivilEngineering : Civil engineering elective course. Students are required totake either CE 450 in the Fall or Spring semester of their senior year. Topicswill vary based on faculty and student interests. Potential topics for thesecourses may include: • Hydraulic Structures and Design • Building System Design• Structural Forensics Engineering • Sustainable Transportation SystemsEngineering • Traffic Safety Analysis

CE 480 Senior Civil EngineeringSeminar: An overview of civil engineering in economic, environmental, andsocietal contexts. Students will be immersed in a wide range of contemporarytopics through discussion and self-reflection. The Civil Engineering Body ofKnowledge (CEBOK), private and public sector guest speakers, current industryissues and trends, professional conduct and ethical case studies, and anindividual project are elements of the course. The seminar helps guide andprepare students for entry level positions as a practicing Civil Engineer. Prerequisite:Senior Status. 1 Lecture Hour.

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