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3 Years MOFA Attested Computer Technology Diploma for KSA For Sale

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3 Years MOFA Attested Computer Technology World Valid Authentic Diploma for OMAN, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain O

Topicswill include the computer architecture, the instruction execution cycle, I/Oand storage. In addition, students will learn basics of digital electronics,how to perform mathematical operations and conversions on multiple numberingsystems, develop fundamental problem-solving skills for troubleshooting, andinvestigate career opportunities within the information technology industry. Thiscourse includes both a lecture and hands-on computer class. Class time will bedevoted to lecture and demonstration of various aspects of computer technology.Some portion of class time will be devoted to lab time.Coursesin computer technology are offered at many colleges and universities as part ofbachelor's and master's degree programs in computer technology, informationmanagement and computer science. Coursework in computer technology may also beavailable through associate and bachelor's degree programs in computerprogramming. Students will learn fundamental concepts of hardware and softwareprior to learning tools of support technicians.

Thestudents are expected to remain for the entire class period. It is thestudent's responsibility to arrange his or her schedule for completion of anyassignments outside of class periods that are not completed in class. Tosucceed in today's digital workplace, it's imperative to understand howcomputers work. In this online computer technology course, you'll gain afoundation in modern computer systems. The focus is on providing a basis in thecomputer fundamentals that every working professional should know. Studentsexplore the conceptual framework behind computing, learning basic programmingtechniques, and examining some of the social issues associated with computertechnology. Computer technology is an expanding branch of engineering, withroots in both electrical engineering and computer science. It includes therelated areas of computer hardware and software; computer interfacing,programming, and networking; analog and digital electronics; and robotics.Computer technicians, technologists, and engineers work in every sector ofsociety, in careers ranging from building and repairing computer systems todesigning and installing computer networks, to designing and building prototyperobots and electronic devices. Students taking computer technology courses willlearn to work safely with computer equipment, electronic circuits, and roboticdevices, and will explore the Essential Skills and work habits that areimportant for success in computer technology. Computer technology coursesprepare students for apprenticeship, further study at college or university, orentry into the workplace directly after graduation. This course introducesstudents to computer systems, networking, and interfacing, as well aselectronics and robotics. Students will assemble, repair, and configurecomputers with various types of operating systems and application software.Students will build small electronic circuits and write computer programs tocontrol simple peripheral devices or robots. Students will also develop anawareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will learn aboutsecondary and postsecondary pathways and career opportunities in computertechnology. This course enables students to further develop their practicalunderstanding of computer hardware, software, networks, and operating systems.Students will use utility and application software, and will follow properprocedures for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer systemsand networks. In addition to demonstrating an understanding of the ethical useand environmental effects of computers, students will develop marketable skillsand assess career opportunities in the field. Computers play role in everysegment of modern society. Growing demand and advances in miniature,solid-state microprocessor technology have sparked the development of smaller,less expensive and more powerful computers, and increased the need forwell-trained technical personnel. In the 3-year Computer Engineering Technologydiploma program, you'll design, build and program computers, gain skills in thehardware and software aspects of microcomputers and their applications, andreceive extensive hands-on training. With technology constantly changing andexpanding, there is always a demand for smart, capable, and adaptable ITprofessionals. Our School of Computer Technology combines the technical andteamwork skills you’ll need to meet that demand. Studying here, you’ll haveaccess to state-of-the-art equipment and expert faculty whobring their workplace experience to the classroom, striking the right balancebetween the theory and technical skills you need to know. We have alsodeveloped a leading-edge curriculum that is regularly updated withreal-world input from employers and industry insiders. This ensures that theskills you’re learning consistently meet the current needs of your industry.Industry input also informs our program offerings and as such, we recentlybecame the first Canadian college to offer a full-time iitpakistancertificate program.

Here are a few common concepts taught in computer technologycourses:

Operating systems

Word processing

Network software

Database applications

Data sorting

List of Common Courses

Introduction to Computing Course

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