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Advance Shorthand Course In Abbotabad

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Location: Abbottabad

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Shorthand is an efficient transcribing method that transfers audible content to written

symbols. Shorthand skills have long been important in professional occupations.

They are crucial in the legal and medical fields, where speed and accuracy are paramount.

At Pitman Training, you can expect to learn shorthand typing from the very best.

In fact, Pitman Training's founder, Sir Isaac Pitman, developed today’s

most practised shorthand style nearly two centuries ago.

shorthand, also called stenography, a system for rapid writing that uses symbols or abbreviations for letters, words, or phrases. Among the most

popular modern systems are Pitman, Gregg, and Speedwriting.

To develop the note taking speed of students through the mastery of a set of shorthand outlines to

represent the 24 consonants and 12 vowels as well as Dipjthongs and Triphones. The theory would be presented in clear and easy stages and give

adequate practice within a working vocabulary.

Objective: The learners have to understand every shorthand rule in each unit thoroughly and to follow the suggested practice plan. In shorthand,

writing or dictating by sound, i.e., to write words as they are pronounced; that each simple character represents one definite sound and no other and that the ordinary spelling — with its many irregularities and inconsistencies — as exhibited in printing and in long-hand writing, is not to be followed or imitated. Thus, the end result will be a more accurate interpretation of any conversation, presentation, announcement, etc… Till date, SHORTHAND course remains one of the more sought after by staff of law firms, reporters of news agency, secretarial & administrative professionals and others where accurate and speedy dictation is one of the key task

This course addresses the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the second edition “Simplified.” You will find that by learning this system of shorthand that your work will become much easier and the knowledge you have obtained will give you valuable access to numerous positions in the business world.

Course Outline:

1:Introducing Teeline

2:The Teeline alphabet

3:Joining letters

4:Removal of unnecessary letters

5:Position of writing


7:Write shorthand using correct techniques

8:Read and write shorthand notes

9:Write shorthand at optimum speed (minimum 60 wpm) with minimum 98% accuracy

10:Produce transcripts of shorthand notes.

Shorthand is a valuable skill for journalists. Despite advances in recording technology, many

situations still exist where for legal or interviewee preference reasons, the most suitable form of

news gathering requires accurate and fast shorthand.

Shorthand skills are still very much in demand for a range of office and journalism roles. Pitman Training West offer shorthand courses such as Teeline. This teaches the skills to reach up to 80 words per minute. Some of the shorthand courses on offer are listed below..

Shorthand Speed Development




Teeline Fast

Teeline Professional

International College of Technical Education.

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