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Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Attock Chakwal

1 month ago   Services   Attock City   20 views
Location: Attock City
Price: ₨25,000

Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Attock Chakwal, Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan, ICTE Offered Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan , Professional Practical Work Training Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan , Best Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan , Certification Acceptable in Government Job and Worldwide, EFI Automotive electricians assess vehicles and find faults using diagnostic testing equipment. They also install and repair electrical and electronic equipment this can be in passenger and commercial vehicles to marine, and in mining equipment.EFI stands for ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, The Electronic Fuel Injection system fitted to most modern vehicles combines sophisticated computer controls with a high pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency. The system is controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU).What is the function of EFI? Electronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor that mixes air and fuel. EFI does exactly what it sounds like. It injects fuel directly into an engine's manifold or cylinder using electronic controls.What is EFI tuning? Tuning (also referred to as engine tuning or Dyno Tuning) is the process used to alter the stock computer, and ultimately, how a car runs. This is typically done after adjustments to the car's stock configuration have been made.Which is better EFI or carburetor? EFI systems are more fuel-efficient than carbureted engines. This is because the electronic system constantly adjusts the air to fuel ratio to ensure that optimal levels are delivered. Carbureted engines, on the other hand, may deliver an excess fuel to air ratio, which can lead to more fuel consumption.What is difference between EFI and UEFI? UEFI is the new replacement for BIOS, the efi is a name/label of the partition where UEFI boot files are stored. Somewhat comparable to the MBR is with BIOS, but much more flexible and allows multiple boot loaders to co-exist.Is EFI engine fuel efficient? The results show that EFI system improves average fuel economy of 13% on most of its speed ranges and it also offers significant fuel saving of 16.4% on loaded condition relative to otherwise equivalent, carbureted baseline vehicles.Is it worth tuning your car?

Tuning is always good for your car, provided you have an experienced tuner and the right software. You can almost always improve on the manufacturer's tune. It's customized for your car. Now, if you're asking about modifications and not just smoothing out the stock ECU map. Does EFI increase horsepower?

Image result On many applications, EFI can actually add horsepower (although some would argue that a big carburetor always makes more power). With EFI, a larger throttle body works well at all engine speeds. This EZ-EFI self-tuning fuel injection system Maste Kit from FAST includes an inline fuel pump kit.

/EFI/ directory UEFI is a mini-operating system that sits on top of a computer's hardware and firmware. Instead of being stored in firmware, as is the BIOS, the UEFI code is stored in the /EFI/ directory in non-volatile memory.

Auto Electrician Course Contents:


Special  purpose tools

Measureing tools

Fastening devices and tube fittings

Electrical fundamentals

Cranking and charging systems

Electrical circuits 










Auto Efi Electrician Car Course in Attock Chakwal

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Home Cleaning

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