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MOFA Attested Mason Diploma for Oman

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MOFA Attested Mason Diploma forKSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain

Course safety is reinforcedcontinually throughout the course sequence. Technology-related reading,writing, vocabulary, mathematics, blueprint reading and materials and buildingscience are integrated throughout the curriculum. Skill development includes aknowledge of mason’s tools, wall layout basics, introduction to laying of brickand block, basic building of brick and block corners. Students will becomefamiliar with the fundamentals of masonry in both theory and practicalapplications.Duringthe one year duration a candidate is trained on subjects Professional Skill,Professional Knowledge, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Science & Calculationand Employability Skills. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted tomake/do project work and Extra Curricular Activities to build up confidence.The practical skills are imparted in simple to complex manner &simultaneously theory subject is taught in the same fashion to apply cognitiveknowledge while executing task. The practical part starts with basicconstructional work viz. cutting of bricks / stones, Masonry (brick/stone),Cutting of rods, R.C.C work, etc. and finally to constructing building,finishing work, centering shuttering for R.C.C beams, column, lintels etc. atthe end of the course. The broad components covered under Professional Skillsubject are as below.Masonryis a three -year program of study that prepares students to work in the masonryand building trades and prepares qualified individuals to progress intosupervisory or proprietorship positions in the masonry field. Students developan understanding of masonry work and learn to communicate using the tradeterms. Sustainability and green building concepts are integrated into allaspects of the course.

Masonry courses teach studentsall about laying concrete and building with stone, brick and similar materials.Programs culminate in a certificate or degree, but students can also takemasonry courses as part of associate degree programs in construction technology.Masonry students should be able to lift 50 pounds easily. Masonry is an ancienttrade, but to this day masons are highly valued and in-demand members of ourworkforce. This course will introduce you to the masonry trade including itshistory, the essential considerations of masonry materials, tools and equipment,as well as drawings and measurements used in the field. By the end of thecourse, you will have improved your professional skills and be much moreprepared to grow your career in masonry.

List of Courses

Masonry Introduction Course

This introductory course inmasonry focuses on helping students become familiar with the trade. Basicideas, such as masonry materials and tools, are covered. Construction methods,masonry history and job options are also explored. Other fundamental conceptsare studied, such as safety, blueprint reading and laying masonry units. Thiscourse is one of the first courses students take in a masonry program.

Masonry Techniques Course

The methods, procedures andtechniques used in masonry are examined in this course. Students practicelaying brick and block using different techniques. Correct use of tools andmaterials is emphasized while students master techniques and proper procedures.This is an introductory course in a masonry program.

Masonry Structures Course

This course in masonry structurescontinues to work on the skills and information learned in introductorycourses. In this course, students work on using different materials, such ascolor mortar and glass block. Different finish materials, such as terra cottaand tile, are also used. Commercial masonry skills are a focus in this course,as well. Students may work on projects such as chimneys and fireplaces. Thiscourse usually falls in the middle of a masonry program.

Masonry Construction Course

The subject matter of this courseis the development of construction projects. Students learn about creatingconstruction plans, estimating material needs and conforming to building codes.Special attention is paid to learning how to recognize unstable foundations anddeformations in masonry structures. The course also covers footing layouts,wall construction, insulation and expansion joints. This course is usuallytaken near the end of a masonry program.

Masonry Management Course

In the masonry management course,students learn about advanced masonry topics, such as ornamental material use.The course also teaches students about the business aspects of masonry,including supervising employees, managing costs, ensuring site safety andstaying on schedule. This course is usually taken near the end of a masonryprogram.

Common concepts that masonrystudents might encounter can include:

Cost estimating

Structural masonry

Concrete block construction


LEED principles

Project management