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MOFA Attested Two Years Optical Fiber Technician Diploma in Pakistan For Sale

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Location: Islamabad
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MOFA Attested 2 Years OpticalFiber Technician for KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain

Fiber-Optic Technicians installand maintain fiber-optic systems and locate and repair defects within thesesystems. Sample resumes in this field highlight duties such as communicatingwith contractors, customers, and county officials to discuss ongoing problemsand arrive at solutions that satisfy all affected parties; safely andaccurately locating fiber lines; and rapidly responding to emergencies in awell-prepared and professional manner. Insofar as educational requirements,Fiber-Optic Technicians must have a high school diploma or an equivalentcertification on their resumes. It has also become common for interestedapplicants to earn an associate's degree in a related field. Fiber OpticsTraining (Associate) is offered at iitpakistan of Networks and Aesthetics.

The Fiber Optics Training isdesigned for anyone interested in learning basic fiber optic networking andbecoming a Certified Fiber Optic Technician. This course also introduces thestudents to industry standards governing FTTD (Fiber to the Desk), FTTH (Fiberto the Home, LAN/WAN fiber networks, and basic fusion and mechanical splicing.Supplemental hands-on sessions will include multimode OSP cable. This programexplores the history and future of fiber optics and fiber optics capabilities.This study will include both mechanical and fusion splicing techniques alongthe actual OTDR trace sessions. Fiber Optics Associate Course Islamabad boastsknowledge of fiber optic networking, has vast hands-on experience, and possessIn-depth reference material. Fiber Optics Associate Course explores the historyand future of fiber optics and fiber optics capabilities, and basic testing andtroubleshooting. You will get to learn Fiber Optic Associate CertificationCourse under the supervision of experienced instructors who focus on theconcepts and make you a professional in the field.

Our training focuses on the keyelements, concepts and terminologies associated with the training. You will notonly learn verbally but also practically by doing a lot of tasks andassignments. The classroom discussion of all the above topics will becomplemented by interactive student sessions. iitpakistan’s certification willhelp you to become a professional so that you can achieve success in the fieldand will help you get better jobs around the globe. Fiber Optics AssociateCourse provides the students with a strong background in the area of SDHtechniques as well as provides the unique opportunity to work and enhance theirexpertise in this field. Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Fiber OpticsTechnician should attend this course. The course fee includes the studymaterials, exam fees, Text Book, and CD. If you prefer your technicalcertification training to take place in a location that seems like anotherworld, welcome to iitpakistanThis certified fiber optic installer trainingcourse is designed for those who layout, install or maintain fiber opticcabling systems.

It identifies you as an installerable to demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes,standards and practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. Inaddition, this training incorporates two days of individual hands-on trainingvalidating installer skills, including fiber terminations, cable preparations,fusion splicing, OTDR and optical loss testing.

Module 1
Introduction to Fiber Optics
MM Fiber Optics Networking
Optical Fiber Safety
Hands-on Session Begins –Anaerobic Polishing Procedures. Basic patch cable assembly, testing,troubleshoot, and repair.

Module 2
Fiber Optics NetworkingStandards
Fiber Optics Cable andConnector Identification.

OutsidePlant Cable Introduction.
Termination of FiberConnectors, Introduction to Splicing
(Mechanical & Fusion).Introduction to fiber optics network troubleshooting.

Module 3
Outside Plant Fiber Cablepreparation, termination & testing – Demonstration.
Hands-On Session continues.Students must build, test and troubleshoot actual multimode fiber optics networkaccording to industry standards.
Introduction to Basic OTDRFunctions and Traces
Use of the OTDR, VFL, PowerSource and light Meter Functions
Continuity Testing,Troubleshooting, Managing Tools and Equipment

We are glad to inform you thatnow we are offering this diploma course in Distance Learning mode of studies.As we have got a lot of requests from students and professionals workingabroad, not having enough time to complete these courses on regular mode ofstudy due to Jobs or Academic qualifications. No doubt this is also a goodopportunity to those who want to improve their CPD (Continous ProgressDevelopment). We are approved / affiliated with SECP, RCCI, National TrainingBureau, Trade Testing Board, Skill Development Council, Professional SkillScience Course, Skill Development Association, Trade Testing ProfessionalCouncil, IQRA Educaional Council, Professional Skill Educational Council,Awarding Body for Qualifications & Certifications United Kingdom. WorldSafety Organization (WSO-USA), IOSH, NEBOSH, Interanational Association ofSafety Professionals IASP-USA, IPQI-USA, CIEH, IIRSM, CAB-QC Canada, UnitedKingdom Association of Professionals UK, Innovative CertificationsRegistrar ICR International & Training Accreditation and CertificationOrganization (Traccert Canada). So we have now got approval from differentorganizations for these Distance Learning Programs. For Quality EducationSystem now Inspire Institute of Technologies Pakistan Private Limited isCompliant & Certified ISO 9001: organization.

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