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Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Hafizabad Jhelum

2021-04-07 10:22   Services   Jhelum   10 views


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Location: Jhelum
Price: 35,000

Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Hafizabad Jhelum, international College Of technical Education Offer Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Hafizabad Jhelum , Professional Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Hafizabad Jhelum , The oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on all aspects of daily life. Individuals, corporations, and national governments make financial and policy decisions based on the cost, use, and availability of these two natural resources. This two-week course looks at the two most fundamental aspects of the oil and gas industry, The second module focuses on the forces that drive the industry's operations, the oil and gas markets, including the cost of wells, seasonal impacts on prices, and the role of oil reserves. After every lesson, learners will take short quizzes to test their newly acquired knowledge, participant in crowd-sourced discussions about global markets, and complete a final project.Outline The course mainly focuses on the engineering processes of the up-stream Oil and Gas industry and it will cover an overview of the following major areas of Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering: Petroleum Geology, Applied Geophysics and Formation Evaluation;Drilling and Completion Engineering; Reservoir Characterization, Simulation and Production Management; Subsea completions and Surface facilities, Hydrocarbon treatment and transportation Syllabus

Oil and Gas Operations and Technology In this module, you will learn about the core activities that the Oil and Gas Industry executes to bring natural gas and petroleum products to market. We will look at the exploration and production of oil and gas, the processing and refining of the oil and gas into useable fuels and other valuable commodities, and finally the transport of oil, gas, and petroleum products from wells to refineries to retail outlets.Oil and Gas Industry Markets In this second module, the course shifts to the markets that drive Oil and Gas Industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the core oil and gas industry activities, the factors that determine the prices that oil, gas and petroleum products sell for, and the effect that the amount of oil and gas remaining in the ground has on the future viability of individual companies to the Industry as a whole.The course will give an initial overview of the history of the oil industry and the origins of petroleum and natural gas reservoirs, followed by a description of the conventional and unconventional reservoir types. All aspects of petroleum engineering from upstream to downstream will be included in this discussion, including transportation, marketing, and environmental impacts. The remainder of the course will present the various key disciplines in petroleum and natural gas engineering in the chronological order of how the disciplines interact. Key problems in each of these disciplines will be reviewed and solved, using Excel and introductory statistics/computer programming (using Matlab). First, the discipline of drilling engineering will be presented. This will focus on the different

types of wells, bits, casing designs, and completion techniques. Topics in the discipline of reservoir engineering will be presented next and will include basic petrophysics, reservoir types and fluids, as well as basic extraction methods. The life cycle of a reservoir and its efficient and environmental friendly management will be discussed, including enhanced oil recovery methods, such as carbon dioxide injection and surfactant flooding. Topics in production engineering will be presented next, and will center on tubing design, artificial lift, stimulation using acids and fracturing, and cased-hole logging. Topics in facility

engineering, the last discipline to be discussed, will focus on surface facilities such as separators, gas and water gathering systems, pipelines, stock tanks, chokes, and recycle plants. Admission open for boys and girls and queries call ,

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Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Hafizabad Jhelum