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Physiotherapycourse in Islamabad,Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Mardan, Sawabi, Swat, Kohat and PakistanO

Programs for aspiringphysiotherapists are offered at the doctoral level at 2-year institutions. Themost common program is the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). During theprogram, students get clinical training at a lab and complete full-timesupervised clerkships or internships that take several weeks each. Graduatescan participate in a clinical residency if they want to pursue a specialty. Aspiringphysiotherapists need to pass their state's licensure exam and meet otherrequirements that vary by state. Clinical specialty certification is alsoavailable from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

In keeping with recent growth andadvancement of Physical Therapy professional in the world and especially in theUnited States of The America, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum hasbeen developed to prepare Physical Therapists for the independent practice inPakistan, by emphasizing area such as differential diagnosis, appliedpharmacology, diagnostic imaging, health care prevention and practice manager. However,with the increased recognition of Physical Therapist’s skills in diagnosing,treating and preventing illness and injuries has necessitated the profession tore-evaluate its goals for the future and move toward more autonomy in patientcare. According to America Physical Therapy association (APTA) “the vision forthe future of the Physical Therapy profession is that by year 2020 PhysicalTherapy, treatment will be provided by Physical Therapists holding Doctor’sdegree in Physical therapy, recognized by consumer and other health careprofessions as practitioners of choice to whom consumer have direct access forthe diagnosis of, intervention for, and prevention of impairment, functionallimitation and disabilities related to movement, function and health. Since thereis general trend of Physical Therapists to seek employment and admission forfurther studies in United States of America, it has become necessary to bringthe courses of study in Pakistan at par. The program will also meet therequirement for Non interventional independent practice in home land.

Wateem Physiotherapyeducation is based on a fully integrated curriculum and includes interdisciplinarystudies. Commencing Semester 1, the curriculum is structured aroundpatient centered learning. Conditions for which people typicallyseek physiotherapy provide the context for integrating learningabout biomedical sciences and physiotherapy skills. In the lateryears of the course, the focus moves from campus based patient scenariosto learning in a clinical environment. This provides opportunitiesfor students to appreciate the relevance of on-going learning in thecontext of supervised health care delivery.Wateem Physiotherapyeducation facilitates development of skills through smallgroup learning. Other features of this degree are opportunities toexperience rural health care delivery and Inter-ProfessionalEducation (IPE). In IPE, students spend some time eachsemester learning and collaborating with students enrolled in otherhealth science courses including Occupational Therapy,Nursing, Paramedic and Radiography.

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy(Honours) is a challenging and demanding course. Students can expectto spend significant time in self-directed learning that supportsthe course of study. Students will be expected to be fit toundertake the course by accepting responsibility to maintain theirhealth and take adequate rest. Clinical attachmentsacross all years of the course are compulsory. In the thirdand fourth years of study, the majority of time is spent in clinicaleducation. Some flexibility may be required of students, both interms of hours worked at clinics, and scheduling of clinicalattachments. Students can expect to have rural attachments duringthe course Students should take these mattersinto consideration when considering casual employment.

Here are common topics covered in physiotherapist courses:

Musculoskeletal system

Standards of care

Patient assessment



Therapy techniques

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