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Professional Building Management Course In Swabi Bannu

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Location: Peshawar
Price: ₨35,000

Professional Building Management Course In Swabi Bannu,International College Of Technical Education Offer Professional Building Management Course In Swabi Bannu ,Professional Building Management Course In Swabi Bannu ,  Building Management Systems leads to more optimized control of resources, high end security and easy to access from anywhere. Current Generation BMS System are based on open communication protocol and are WEB Enabled allowing integration of systems from multiple system vendors and access from anywhere in the world. The internet of things initiated by big technology ventures will create a smart world which can be controlled by just a click.   Building Automation System (BAS), is the key to manage an entire Burj Khalifa a skyscraper with 154+ floors, 57 elevators, 8 escalators, cooling systems (with climate control), numerous surveillance systems, security systems, lightings that change with respect to time and mood, Fire alarms, automatic fire extinguishing systems and lot more. As a matter of fact no matter how big or small the infrastructure is, you would by now have understood that a building consists of plenty of systems and technology which are embedded together to have proper hassle-free monitoring, service, maintenance, and handling. The lack of trained BMS technicians leads to the improper design and implementation. The industry is looking for skilled technicians who can meet all the requirements in BMS sector. IPCS CERTIFIED BMS TECHNICIAN training program is a golden opportunity to enhance your employ ability in home automation and BMS sector.The BMS (Building Management System) course provides students with a fundamental understanding of control processes & applications of Direct Digital Controllers in the HVAC sector.This course suits individuals looking to gain a fundamental understanding of control processes and applications of Direct Digital Controllers (DDC) in the HVAC sector. It is also suitable for those seeking to enter the field of Building Management System (BMS) Controls, servicing and engineering. Inspire Institute of Technologies Pakistan is the only institute which is giving training of BMS in Pakistan. We are unable to fill the industry requirements in qualified BMS technicians because of shortage in number of trained candidates. Utilize this golden opportunity and assure your job in ever growing automation industry. For every building, the energy management is the key aspect, for that we need to have control over the all high voltage & low voltage systems integrated within the building. This can be done using a controller-based system periodically monitors and controls all the building services that includes HVAC, escalators, lifts, lighting and other consumers of energy within the building.Managing the environment within a building, so that energy use perfectly balances the way in which the building is used is also a main role of BMS. Building Energy Management System is a fast growing sector. Lots of job opportunities are popping up every day in BMS. As a BMS engineer the duties and responsibilities starts from the design and extends through integration, testing, troubleshooting etc. .Fundamentals of Building Management System Basic Design Criteria Components Used in BMS Concept of Green & Smart Design Energy Management Systems MEP Design Fundamentals. Course Outline of BMS 1:llumination (lighting) control 2:Electric power control 3:Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)4:Security and observation

5:Access control 6:Fire alarm system 7:Lifts, Elevator etc.8:Plumbing 9:Closed-circuit television (CCTV)10:Other engineering systems11:Control Panel 12:PA system 13:Alarm Monitor

14:Security. Admission open for boys and girls and queries call ,

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