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Professional Food & Safety Course In Lahore

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Location: Lahore
Price: 37,500

Professional Food & Safety Course In Lahore, international College of technical Education Offer Professional Food & Safety Course In Lahore , Professional Food & Safety Course In Lahore ,

This Food Safety course has been designed to educate those who don’t work directly with preparing or handling food but work in an environment where food is handled elsewhere or who only work with low-risk foods. The course familiarises the learner with basic food hygiene practices, so they are able to work safely near food. This also includes those who work with wrapped or pre-packaged foods. For example:Front of house employees.

Checkout staff.Waiters.Bar workers.Food delivery drivers (suppliers, takeaway, etc.).

Kitchen porters.Warehouse staff.it is a management system addressing food safety through chemical, biological and physical hazard analysis and control, from raw material production, manufacturing and distribution to finished product consumption.

It is a systematic approach to identify, evaluate and control food safety hazards. Food hazards are of various types, including microbiological, chemical and physical hazards as well as allergens.To be able to successfully address the issues and impacts of hazards, it is important that they are correctly identified, evaluated and classified. Thus, hazard identification broadly refers to identification and evaluation, which require special expertise.Certification of an organisation or industry by HACCP adds a huge mark of credibility and safety with regard to the food products produced, thus increasing organisational appeal to customers and retailers.

Zoe’s HACCP training course will empower you with complete knowledge and information on HACCP. The experience and exposure gained through this training course will help you drive adoption and maintenance of HACCP in your organisation, demonstrating your talent and potential and inviting higher roles and responsibilities.

Further, this HACCP course will increase your credibility as a professional in the food industry and foster further career growth and progression through multiple opportunities in other organisations and industries requiring expertise and experience in HACCP.

COURSE OBJECTIVES The main objective of this HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course is to empower professionals with— complete knowledge and information about HACCP

the required knowledge, confidence and skill to drive implementation of HACCP in the organisation the confidence and experience to train other professionals on adopting HACCP

the required skill set, experience and capabilities to audit food production systems, from start to end, for food safety compliance, thus increasing potential and demonstrating a talent for future growth and progression the required experience and exposure to contribute to certification of the organisation by HACCP, thus increasing organisational credibility and fostering organisational growth and success the required understanding and experience to ensure compliance with not just international standards but adequate proof and documentation of processes and standards of the manufacturing process to protect against litigation and lawsuits a sense of pride to contribute to consumer safety by ensuring safety compliance at all levels of food production

Admission open for boys and girls and queries call ,

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Certification acceptable in Government job and Worldwide UK USA KSA UAE Canada Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudia Japan

Professional Food & Safety Course In Lahore