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Professional Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Swai Bannu

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Location: Peshawar
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Professional Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Swai Bannu,International College Of technical education offer Professional Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Swai Bannu ,Professional Petroleum Oil & Gas Course In Swai Bannu , The oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on all aspects of daily life. Individuals,corporations, and national governments make financial and policy decisions based on the cost, use, and availability of these two natural resources. This two-week course looks at the two most fundamental aspects of the oil and gas industry, its operations and markets, each of which is addressed as a separate module in the course. In the operations module, the course provides an overview of the production of oil and gas, from initial exploration to final transport. The second module focuses on the forces that drive the industry's erations, the oil and gas markets, including the cost of wells, seasonal impacts on prices, and the role of oil reserves. The course provides the student with a basic knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas industry, including its history, technical aspects, business model, and impact on society and the environment. The primary emphasis is on operations in exploration, production, transportation,refining, and marketing. At the end of the course, the student should be able to speak in a general way on all aspects of the industry and be familiar with common industry terminology.After every lesson, learners will take short quizzes to test their newly acquired knowledge, participant in crowd-sourced discussions about global markets, and complete a final project.Syllabus Oil and Gas Operations and Technology In this module, you will learn about the core activities that the Oil and Gas Industry executes to bring natural gas and petroleum products to market. We will look at the exploration and production of oil and gas, the processing and refining of the oil and gas into useable fuels and other valuable commodities, and finally the transport of oil, gas, and petroleum products from wells to refineries to retail outlets.Oil and Gas Industry Markets In this second module, the course shifts to the markets that drive Oil and Gas Industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the core oil and gas industry activities, the factors that determine the prices that oil, gas and petroleum products sell for, and the effect that the amount of oil and gas remaining in the ground has on the future viability of individual companies to the Industry as a whole.The course addresses the different steps in the development of an oil- and gas field from exploration, field development, production to shut-down. Topics included:Petroleum geology:

Geological processes, forming and properties of rock formations, structures, reservoir rock formation, accumulation of petroleum.Geophysics:Collection and investigation of seismic data, petrophysical and other geophysical data. Example of combination of geological and seismic data to produce 3-dimensional pictures of the internal of the earth.

Well drilling:Systems and methods for drilling and well construction.Formation evaluation and reservoir engineering:Analysis of data collected by logging and core sampling in the borehole. Methods and procedures for calculating oil and gas volume, and methods for optimized production.Petroleum production:Well flow calculations, methods for separation of oil and gas, including alternative solutions for oil- and gas field development.Learning outcome Ingress:Students are required to have a good overview and understanding of the lifecycle of an oil/gas-field.Knowledge:The students are required to have a good overview and understanding of the lifecycle of an oil/gas-field including exploration, development, production, maintenance and shutdown. They are also required to have basic understanding of geological processes and accumulation of hydrocarbons, acquisition and use of seismic data, systems and methods for drilling of wells and well construction, formation evaluation and reservoir engineering and petroleum production.Skills:Students must be able to describe the different stages in the lifecycle of an oil/gas-field, and also be able to understand the most important documents and plans for development and production of an oil/gas-field. They are also required to understand the basic elements of drilling programs and make simple estimates of important parameters. From the reservoir part of the course students are required to perform simple calculations of fluid distribution and transport in porous media.

Use of subject-specific digital tools including programming where relevant.Admission open for boys and girls and queries call , INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Pakistan No.1 IT Training, Technical, Management and Safety Officer Institute, For More Information Visit Our Website http://www.icollegete.com/ https://courses.com.pk/ Certification acceptable in Government job and Worldwide UK USA KSA UAE Canada Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudia Japan China http://www.icollegete.com/course/petroleum-engineering-diploma-course-in-rawalpindi/

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