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Professional Shorthand Course In Hajira

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Location: Rawalakot
Price: ₨25

Professional Shorthand Course In Hajira

Shorthand systems based on assigning a unique outline to a specific word and require a very considerable time to memorize tens of thousands of outlines. Second, a large number of shorthand outlines demands constant practice on a daily basis to remember all memorized symbols including the ones you haven't used but you might use them in the future. Third, depending on the form and thickness of symbols it might trexplain to you the rules of shorthand based on the NEW ERA EDITION of SIR ISAAC PITMAN’s SYSTEM OF SHORTHAND and guide you through the practice at your convenience.The Pitman system is a unique phonetic alphabet and diacritical marks have to be added alongsideanslate to different meaning and transcription often represents a problem. Fourth, symbol-based shorthand systems cannot be used with a computer.This course is designed to  the lines to indicate vowels increasing the system's complexity. Practicing and building up speed is difficult because Pitman system has a large number of rules and short-forms. The alphabet, briefs and phrases and fingering exercises will be taught. The student will develop the ability to write words, sentences and paragraphs on the Stenograph machine through daily dictation and drills.

Straight downstrokes; second-place dot vowels

Curved strokes; second-place dash vowels

Horizontal strokes; upward strokes

First-place vowels

Third-place Vowels

S Circle; downward L

Stroke R

Diphthongs, triphones, and Diaphones

Consonant H



R hook

N hook

WH, abbreviated W, WL, WHL and medial W

z hook

F/V hook

SHUN hook; upward SH

Compound Consonants & Omission of Consonants


Prefixes, suffixes and word endings

The Teeline Alphabet from A to M.

The Teeline Alphabet from N to Z.

Join letters T, D and F, punctuation marks, short sentences.

Joining S, word endings, soft C.

Downward and upward short L, special use of L, joining the letter B to letters G and N, joining the letter J with B, C and K, outlines with R followed by M.

More common word outlines, writing outlines for words beginning WH, grouping words together to form one outline, transcribing a short passage from dictation.

The use of vowels, more vocabulary using vowels.

Outlines to represent double vowels, vowel indicators for word endings, simple word groupings.

Blend letters, lengthening L, M and W to add R, extending the use of R, writing further special outlines.

Words ending with –TION, more blends, common word groupings.

Words using the CM, CN and CNV blends, outlines for words ending –NCE, additional special outlines.

Shortened outlines for word beginnings, more special outlines and word groupings.

Using full vowels to form word endings, abbreviations for different word endings, Teeline outlines for figures and dates, days of the week and months of the year.


Further vocabulary, more simple and common words, additional word groupings, consolidation.

Professional Shorthand Course In Hajira





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