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Risk Assessment International Degree in Pakistan

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Risk Assessment International Degree for KSA, UAE, Oman,Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain

The risks inherent in doinginternational business have arguably never been greater. While emergingeconomies have embraced business-friendly policies in recent years and thethreat of nationalization by left-wing governments has receded in most places, ahost of new risks have emerged. These include regulatory risk, corruption, andthreats against key corporate personnel, assets and networks by criminalorganizations and transnational terrorists. Global companies also must plan forthe possibility of supply chain disruptions caused by natural disasters,infectious diseases, cyber attacks, and geopolitical conflict. This course willconsider the nature of the contemporary risks facing firms operating in theglobal marketplace, how these risks compare to those that have confrontedcompanies in the recent past, and what strategies can be implemented byinternational companies – particularly those with complex supply chains – tominimize their vulnerabilities in this new era of heightened uncertainty andrisk. Develops knowledge and skills in risk assessment and management, asrequired for effective occupational health, safety & environment practice.It includes the application of adult learning principles to the development ofEOHS training; accident theories in the analysis of accident causation;accident investigation techniques; inspections and audits; and practicalapproaches to risk assessment and risk management, including disaster andemergency planning.

The IRA has revised the syllabusfor the International Diploma to ensure our students are informed of the bestpractices in risk management. Students will benefit from our new onlinelearning platform, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE supportsstudents step-by-step through the modules and provides activities and quizzesto help master the subject matter. Students can submit their assignments whenthey are ready, no more exam centers.

This Master’s level equivalentqualification has been developed by internationally recognized academics and industrypractitioners to provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage risk and maximizeopportunities in any organization. This course utilizes innovative learningtools and techniques to promote an understanding of the course material andstimulate critical thinking. Students will complete weekly reading assignmentsand online quizzes designed to assess their mastery of the core coursematerial. Students will also complete a series of Web Assignments which requireviewing five video documentaries streamed over the Web. These videos highlightsalient issues covered in the assigned readings and lectures and provideadditional context, analysis and opinion. After viewing these films, studentswill be quizzed on the material in the film and asked to apply their knowledgeand problem-solving skills to real life situations. Bonus will be awardedperiodically for the most thoughtful responses to critical discussion questionsposted by the professor in the online discussion forum.

One of the greatest barriers totaking an online course is a lack of basic computer literacy. By computerliteracy we mean being able to manage and organize computer files efficiently,and learning to use your computer's operating system and software quickly andeasily. Keep in mind that this is not a computer literacy course; but studentsenrolled in online courses are expected to have moderate proficiency using acomputer. Please go to the "What's Required" page to find out moreinformation on this subject.

This module has been developed toassist mental health practitioners enhance their skills in risk assessment andrisk management. You will focus on risk assessment and management related to avariety of service user issues, mental health problems, multi-professional andmulti-disciplinary working. It will be underpinned by theoretical evidence froma range of sources including psychiatry, nursing, social work, researchevidence and service user experience. Risk Assessment and Threat Management isan undergraduate course designed as a primer for students who work or intend towork in fields such as law enforcement, institutional or community corrections,and public or private security. Lawyers, educators, health-care professionals,and conflict resolution specialists may also find CRJS 493 helpful in theirwork.

The first part includes a generaloverview of risk assessment, as well as a brief overview of theories ofviolence. The remainder of part one is devoted to risk assessment issuesfocused on various offender groups. For example, Units 6 and 7 discuss issuesrelated to the assessment of risk for sexual violence and intimate partnerviolence, respectively. The first half of the course closes with a unit devotedto risk management and intervention. The second half of the course focusesentirely on the process of threat assessment and management. Althoughconceptually similar to risk assessment, threat assessment and managementincludes many distinct features. During this part of the course, students willbe exposed to state-of-the-art threat assessment and management procedures, aswell as the scientific literature on such topics as stalking and schoolviolence.

Course content

During this module, you'll learn to:

Evaluate the contemporary evidence that underpins effectiverisk assessment and management in the mental health services

Demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based practice inrisk assessment and management

Illustrate how complex, high-risk situations can be managedwithin a positive risk taking framework

Explore advanced decision-making skills in complex andunpredictable situations

Reflect on your professional and organizational developmentsin respect of risk.