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ShortHand course in Faisalabad Sialkot-Admission open for boys and girls new session started coming soon.

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Location: Khuzdar
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ShortHand course in Faisalabad Sialkot-Admission open for boys and girls new session started coming soon.


Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing 


method that increases speed and brevity of 


writing as compared to longhand, a more 


common method of writing a language. The 


process of writing in shorthand is called 


stenography, from the Greek stenos (narrow) 


and graphein (to write). ... Many forms of 


shorthand exist

Learning shorthand is a requirement for 


stenography, and knowing shorthand is useful 


in many circumstances and jobs. Shorthand can 


benefit those in the journalism industry 


because reporters need to write fast yet 


still take precise notes. Shorthand is still 


used today when stenography machines are not 



Practicing Shorthand. Start off with 


realistic expectations. Claims that you can 


learn shorthand in a few hours should be 


taken with a dose of skepticism. The time it 


will take you depends on how often you 


practice, the difficulty of the system, and 


your goal speed


Keep only the essential vowels and consonants 


in words. In Teeline shorthand, you leave out 


silent consonants, double consonants, and 


vowels that are unnecessary. ...

Write vowels smaller than consonants. In 


Teeline shorthand, the vowels appear a bit 


smaller than the consonants on the page. ...

Join consonants together


Originally, the shorthand was written with 


old-fashioned pens which had nibs. This made 


it easy to write both light and heavy 


strokes. With a pencil, your light stroke 


should be a fine line on the paper, and a 


heavy stroke should be only a little heavier 


than a light stroke.The best pencil to use is 


a mechanical pencil with a self-advancing 


lead (such as Dixon SenseMatic disposable 


plastic pencils). If you have to click to 


advance the lead, you will waste time. You 


need lined paper, preferably one of those 


“steno” notepads with a line running down the 


middle, dividing the page into two columns. 


The preferred Pitman line-spacing is lines 


3/8? thick. In Pitman, if you make a mistake, 


you don’t waste time erasing — you just 


circle the mistake and rewrite it, which is 


quicker.I had just gotten back from a short 


adventure in Pakistan, and was sick. I had 


jet lag and the stomach flu, and was spending 


hours and hours awake in the dead of night 


because I couldn’t sleep. Why couldn’t I 


sleep? It was partially because of my jet 


lag, but the main reason was ipats. I was 


obsessed with learning it, and couldn’t sleep 


because I had a singular determination to 


master it.I became fascinated with the 


somewhat lost art of shorthand, a style of 


writing which allows one to write at much 


faster speeds than usual. At the time, I was 


attending classes at the Colorado School of 


Mines trying to simultaneously keep focused 


on the professor and voraciously take notes 


at the same time. Doing both concurrently 


isn’t always easy, especially when your 


professor talks like a thermodynamics 


auctioneer on speed. Shorthand can be very 


beneficial to me in school, and also in the 


office.What I’ve attempted to do is compile a 


short list of essential Teeline words that I 


think students and people in a business 


setting can use to write less and focus more. 


Teeline is supposed to be an easy-to-learn 


style of shorthand (as opposed to Gregg or 


Pitman), as almost all of the “letters” are 


based on their English equivalents (whereas 


Gregg and Pitman are phonetic). My goal here 


is not to turn you into a stenographer, but 


rather to improve your speed significantly 


with very little effort. Fluent shorthand is 


not a necessity for the average note-taker, 


and most don’t have the time to learn it.


Shorthand Course Contents:

1:Introducing Teeline

2:The Teeline alphabet

3:Joining letters

4:Removal of unnecessary letters

5:Position of writing


7:Write shorthand using correct techniques

8:Read and write shorthand notes

9:Write shorthand at optimum speed (minimum 


60 wpm) with minimum 98% accuracy

10:Produce transcripts of shorthand notes.


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