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UKQ Level 2 Certificate in H2S Oil & Gas Course in Bahrain, Islamabad, Pakistan

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UKQ Level 2 Certificate in H2S Oil & Gas Course in Bahrain

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will strive to become the preferred awarding body for all levels of education, particularly occupational health and safety. To promote education in all aspects of life, as well as to support professional education, training, and strong job skills.

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited today is an international awarding organisation, offering qualifications at different levels and in a wide range of subject areas. UK-Qualifications recognises the skills, knowledge and understanding achieved by a learner at a particular level and in a particular subject.

Main Objective of H2S Oil & Gas Course in Bahrain :

In this Course you will study about the Safety of you owns and how you prevent other form it. In this course give you a complete information about the H2S Oil & Gas.

What is H2S Hydrogen Sulphide:

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a highly toxic gas that smells like rotten eggs and is colourless, flammable, and water soluble. It is found in nature as crude petroleum and natural gas. H2S is also produced as a by-product of the decomposition of organic matter and human waste (e.g., sewage). It is heavier than air and can accumulate in low-lying, enclosed, and poorly ventilated areas such as basements, manholes, sewer lines, and underground telephone/electrical vaults. At low concentrations, H2S can be detected solely by its odour. However, with continuous low-level exposure, you lose your ability to smell the gas even if it is still present.

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a gas commonly found during the drilling and production of crude oil and natural gas, plus in wastewater treatment and utility facilities and sewers. The gas is produced as a result of the microbial breakdown of organic materials in the absence of oxygen.

  • Hydrogen sulphide formation.

  • Responsibility of companies and employees.

  • Sources of hydrogen sulphide .

  • Exposure to hydrogen sulphide.

  • Safety processes to combat the risk of hydrogen sulphide.

Who needs H2S Training Course in Bahrain ?

Anyone in the Oil and Gas industries that come into contact or potentially come into contact with H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) gas will need this training course!

This industry-specific course is designed for workers involved in:

  • Gas and oil exploration

  • Gas and oil processing and refining

  • Gas and Oil workers who extract crude oil and natural gas

  • Gas and oil workers who refine crude oil and natural gas

Learning Objectives of H2S Oil & Gas Course in Bahrain :

Students who successfully complete the Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness (Oil & Gas) Course will be able to:

Ensure employee awareness and safety among those who may be exposed to hydrogen sulphide on the job; ensure that employees operate in the safest manner possible in locations where contact with hydrogen sulphide or its byproducts is possible; and describe the properties and characteristics of hydrogen sulphide.

Identify common locations where hydrogen sulphide may be present. Describe the symptoms of hydrogen sulphide exposure and the potential acute and chronic health effects.

Recognize the critical elements required to prepare for potential hydrogen sulphide incidents.

Explain what to do in the event of hydrogen sulphide exposure or release.

Course Topics:

  • Hydrogen sulphide – how it is formed and where it is found

  • Other names used to describe H2S

  • Properties and characteristics of H2S

  • Parts per million (ppm) as a measurement parameter

  • Occupational exposure limits to H2S

  • Factors affecting individual susceptibility to H2S

  • Types of detector equipment

  • Types of respiratory equipment H2S Safety Course

  • Pre-use checks of personal detection devices and EBA

  • Operating personal H2S detection equipment (including checks)

  • Responding to an alarm

  • Donning & operating (including checks) an escape breathing apparatus (EBA) with a mask within 30 seconds

  • Donning & operating (including checks) an EBA with a hood within 30 seconds

  • Connecting to a pressurized cascade breathing system with an activated EBA which has been donned correctly

  • Disconnecting from a pressurized cascade breathing system with an activated EBA which has been donned correctly.

Mode of Studies:

We provide the following mode of study:

  • Online self-Placed

  • Recorded Lecture’s on YouTube

  • Onsite Training

Materials Provided

Course participants will receive:

  • Study outline

  • Workbooks and practice problems

  • Suggested resources and study aids

  • Past Papers

  • Guidance on areas where you need additional preparation

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