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Wide Temperature Low Temperature Grease suppliers

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ODS ODSi Lubricant Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 800 kinds of lubricating grease for various industries, including more than 600 solid lubricating greases; more than 200 liquid lubricating oils; the application range is from low temperature minus 100鈩?to high temperature 2000鈩?, There is always an efficient lubrication product suitable for your business.
The market direction of ODS ODSi lubricant technology is based on the basic principles of quality and service-oriented development. Our R&D, production, and sales teams are strong, capable, and determined to provide you one-to-one Customize a lubrication product that is a lifelong maintenance of your equipment and products.
Special lubricants for wind power industry, special lubricants for automobile industry, high vacuum lubricants for photoelectric display, special lubricants for film industry, special lubricants for cement heavy industry, special lubricants for mechanical automation, special lubricants for office equipment and digital products, bearing industries Grease, food extremely fluorine grease.
1. Classified by base oil: mineral grease, synthetic grease.
2: Classified by application areas: aerospace, high-speed trains, optoelectronics, optoelectronic semiconductors, wind power, nuclear power, ships, robotic automation, digital office grease, etc.
3: Classified by operating temperature: -100鈩?2000鈩?application environment field.
4: Classification by consistency: any consistency and viscosity can be provided.
5: According to the lubricated mechanical components: bearing grease, gear grease, chain grease, sealing grease, insulating grease, food grade fluorine grease and other moving parts.
ODSi Lubricant Technology Co., Ltd. passed the EU SGS company certification: ISO9001:2015 international quality management system, ISO14001; 2015 international environmental management system, ISO16949 automobile management system. ODS ODSi Lubricant Technology Co., Ltd. products have passed the EU SGS company inspection and obtained ROSH and REACH certification; the lubricant products manufactured in response to food machinery have passed the US food-grade NSF certification.
The company has also obtained hundreds of utility model patent certificates, invention patent certificates, trademark registration certificates and national high-tech enterprise certification.
The company has also obtained hundreds of utility model patent certificates, invention patent certificates, trademark registration certificates and national high-tech enterprise recognition.
鈻?Infrared spectroscopy instrument
Infrared spectroscopy is an effective material qualitative analysis technology for the composition analysis and shipment control of raw materials and products.
鈻?DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
The endothermic and exothermic process of the test substance with temperature changes; the test material characteristics: oxidation stability and oxidation inducibility, multi-component system compatibility, material thermal stability, etc.
鈻?Polymer measuring instrument
It is to continuously and systematically observe the change trend of quality with temperature or time during the process of heating, constant temperature or cooling of the sample in a specific atmosphere. The characteristics of measuring and researching materials are as follows: quantitative analysis of ingredients, volatiles of moisture, influence of additives and fillers, process optimization and quality monitoring, etc.
鈻?X biological microscope
The microscopic oil stains in the X-spectrum microscope, the grade analysis system can observe the particle morphology, and can also obtain the fineness distribution, quantity, and size, which adds a new fineness test method to the scientific research and production fields. In the fields of aviation, aerospace, navigation, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile, manufacturing and other fields, it conducts solid particle pollution detection.Wide Temperature Low Temperature Grease suppliers

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