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Professional Bike Mechanic Diploma Course in Peshawar

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Location: Peshawar
Price: ₨25,000

Professional Bike Mechanic Diploma Course in Peshawar Pakistan.

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This Diploma course is provided with proper attestation from Ministry & Foreign Affairs and NAVTEC.


The Diploma is contact 2 session 

1 is Theory which is for 1 month 

1 session is for Practical.


Bike Mechanic perform different tasks like:


Repairing the faulty accessories of the Motorbike.

Diagnose the problem.

Engine Overhauling.

Oil Changing.


. To apply safety precautions. 

2. Explain the common hand tools, special tools, and measuring tools. 

3. Select, use and handle automotive hand tools workshop tools, equipment efficiently.

4. Observe safety measures. 

5. Basic mathematical calculation. 6. Explain the internal combustion engine and external combustion engine. 

7. Explain the four strokes and two strokes engine of the motorcycle.

8. Remove, dismantle, inspect, refit install engine parts. 

9. Set the valve timing of four strokes motorcycle engine. 

10. Explain the purpose of different systems of motorcycles. 

11. Service and maintenance of fuel system cooling system lubrication system starting system and ignition system. 

12. Service and maintenance of clutch gearbox and drive chain. 

13. Service and maintenance steering and suspension system brake system and wheel 

14. Service and maintenance charging system and battery. 

15. Install and repair maintenance of electric wiring replacing bulbs horns fuse. 

16. Service tuning and overhauling of a motorcycle engine. 

17. Diagnose the engine troubles, The pass outs of this course would be able to Work in the manufacturing industry assembling plant of the motorcycle. 


Work in repairing service shops of the motorcycle. Start own shop of motorcycle repair service maintenance. Government department. Motorcycle dealerships. Spare parts stores, To apply the safety precaution and use the tool properly 1.1 Describe and apply safety precaution and safe riding

 1.2 Use of tools and tools introduction. 

1.3 Basic mettle work exercise 

1.4 Explain the history of the motorcycle, Describe and apply safety precaution and safe riding Develop safe working habits Evaluate and control hazard and risk. 


Maintain occupational health and safety awareness. Describe personal safety. Describe tools for safety. Explain motorcycle safety. Demonstrate safety riding for motorcycle. Explain safety during service work of motorcycle.


1.2 Use of tools and tools introduction. Select use and handle the hand tools properly. Identify and use the workshop tools efficiently and safely. 


Select measuring instruments and carry out measurement and calculation. Uses of general tools screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches, Allen key, pliers, pullers, hammer. Uses of special tools. tappet adjuster, the flywheel puller, clutch holder, valve guide remover, valve guide driver, valve spring compressor, pin spanner, ball race driver, bearing driver rear front fork seal driver, rear front shock absorber, disassembling tool, timing gear removing puller, and refitting tools. Use of measuring tools. Steel foot rules, vernier calipers micrometer, dial gauges, cylinder gauges, thickness gauges, tire pressure gauge, torque wrenches, compression gauge, vacuum gauge, Wire gauge 25 hours General tools. Special tools. Measuring tools. Classroom, workshop lab.

 1.3 Basic mettle work exercise To apply the basic machine shop hands technique. Cutting exercise with hand hacksaw Filing exercise Drilling exercise Threading exercise with dies taps Extraction exercise 10 hours 15 hours 10 hours Mild steel 25x40x100. Unthreaded hexagon bolt. Hacksaw blade, Technical mathematic exercise To solve the mathematical problems related to trade Calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and calculating with brackets. Calculation of percentage value and basic value. Units of technical engineering. S I units, length, circumference areas, volumes, units of time. Calculate the circumference, circular areas, and cylinder volumes. Calculate fuel consumption per liter. Explain calculate electrical units, ohms law, the capacity of the battery, Technical drawing Identify and draw the diagram symbols of motorcycle system. Describe and meaning, importance use of technical drawing. Describe the type of basic line. Describe angles, triangles, and circle elements. Draw basic lines. Draw different types of angles, triangles,s, and elements of circles. Draw the different symbols relating to the motorcycle field, Explain the operating principle of the two-stroke and four-stroke engine and its components. Repair and maintain all systems of the engine. Describe the working principle of the two-stroke cycle and four-stroke cycle engines. Describe engine components and their function. Identify cylinder head and valves. Explain engine valve timing and its importance. A systematic method of removing an engine from a motorcycle. Disassembling two-stroke and four-stroke engine Checking parts wear, crack, bending, rust, corrosion, water and oil leaks, color, carbon, overheating, balance, clearance. Checking of engine parts with micrometer dial gauge and feeler gauge. Assembling an engine. Setting and checking of engine valve timing. Setting and checking ignition timing, Introduction repair, and maintenance motorcycle fuel system. This competency covers the ability to service the fuel system and make repairs and adjustments to its components. Explain the working principle of the fuel system Describe the main components of the fuel system. Explain the working principle of the carburetor. Explain the types of carburetors. Explain the carburetor circuits. Explain the troubleshooting of the fuel system. Service checking maintains components of the fuel system of the motorcycle. Disassembling and assembling the carburetor.

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